Studio Polymath is headquartered in Omaha and includes a broad network of designers, communicators, planners, artists, and researchers.

Studio Polymath Team

We build diverse teams to help organizations improve user experiences and innovate for the future. Our polymaths have consulting experience with commercial and non-profit organizations in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, automotive, education, finance, food & beverage, healthcare, manufacturing, media, software, and more.

What guides us:

  • Design changes the future of our made world. It turns existing situations into preferred ones.
  • More than any other discipline, anthropology seeks to understand humankind and the worlds we create.
  • By more fully understanding the experience of humanity, we can create better human-centered solutions to problems big and small.
  • Co-creating the future with end users (rather than for them) provides the best results.
  • Sometimes the goals of a project limit the potential solutions. Reframing the challenge spurs real innovation.
  • Every organization can benefit from this approach.
Craig Hughes

About the founder

Craig Hughes

As a designer and anthropologist, Craig anchors creativity and innovation with a rich understanding of the end user. He has combined design and research for a host of clients throughout his career, including Disney, Union Pacific, Blue Cross Blue Shield, TD Ameritrade, First National Bank, Gallup, and many non-profit and community-focused organizations.

Craig’s design work and collaborations have been recognized for excellence by Communication Arts, HOW International Design Annual, American Graphic Design Awards, AIGA, AAF/Addys, Rockport Publishers, and more.

Craig is passionate about using the tools of design and the sciences to help guide responsible change and innovation. A frequent mentor to students at local colleges and universities, Craig has also served as president of the Nebraska chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design. He has lent his strategic expertise to organizations committed to addressing important sociocultural issues in communities and improving human experiences—including topics of aging, gentrification, and community engagement.